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FAQ – Frequently asked questions 

Katu ei ole koti campaign collects funds for helping the homeless youth. In this section we will answer the frequently asked questions about the campaign. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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According to ARA’s (The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland) statistics, there were 815 homeless young individuals in Finland in the end of 2022.

A young person’s life can take a turn for the worse in many different ways. They may face financial difficulties, substance abuse or mental health issues. Additionally, societal issues such as lack of affordable housing or inadequate support services can lead to homelessness.

In Finland, there are no officially recognised homeless minors under the age of 18. Those under the age of 18 are protected by the Child Welfare Act and either live at home or are placed in substitute care through child welfare services. Sometimes, however, the situation may become critical, and the young person decides to leave, leaving them without a shelter. A young person may also be forced to leave their childhood home because of their sexual orientation.

Nuoli – support and meeting place for young people is meant for young individuals between the ages of 16 and 29 who suffer from substance abuse and have no place to go. Nuoli is open 24/7. Nuoli is anonymous and open for everyone, regardless of the individual’s state of intoxication or home municipality. Nuoli offers a chance to eat, wash up, rest, and receive support and advice on matters that are important to the young individual at that moment. At Nuoli, everyone is met as they are.

Donations from past years have allowed us to purchase survival kits, hygienic products and winter clothing and footwear for the young people in need. A portion of the campaign funds has been allocated towards acquiring training apartments for homeless youth.

Of the total funds raised, 85 percent is dedicated to towards providing aid. The remaining 15 percent covers administrative and marketing expenses, as well as regulatory fees. The administration is responsible for planning the work, monitoring its progress, and evaluating its impact. Without administration, there can be no ethical fundraising. Marketing costs include advertisements and promotional materials designed to reach potential donors. The amount spent on marketing depends on our success in reaching those interested in supporting our cause.

We work closely with our financial management to monitor the use of funds and have our financial reports audited annually. We provide detailed reports on the funds used to our funders (STEA, European Social Fund and AMIF) as well as the National Police Board of Finland.

Our funders require continuous monitoring of the effectiveness and impact of our work. To achieve this, we collect data on the number of individuals aided through the donated funds and conduct interviews with those who have received aid to assess the quality of our work.

We regularly share updates on the progress of our work through our newsletter and our sustainability report.

For more information, please contact  

Soile Bar-Yosef

Voluntary work Fundraising
Voluntary work and fundraising manager
040 637 2900