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Start a collection for a memorial donation to help those in vulnerable situations 

Setting up a collection for a memorial donation is a great way to honour a loved one who has passed away while supporting homeless individuals and those who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Setting up a collection for memorial donation 

  1. Contact the fundraising representative of Blue Ribbon Foundation by phone or email. 
  2. The collection for donations can be promoted, for example, in the obituary. Please direct the donations to the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s account.

    Osuuspankki FI18 5789 5420 0361 59

  3. Ask donors to include the name of the deceased and the names of those remembering them in the message field to ensure that the donation is properly associated with your memorial contribution. 

Upon your request, we will provide you with information about contributors and the total amount raised approximately three weeks after the memorial gathering. To ensure that you receive these details, make sure to establish contact with our fundraising representative in advance. 

Contact us

Soile Bar-Yosef

Voluntary work Fundraising
Voluntary work and fundraising manager
040 637 2900