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Workplace, where everyone matters 

Meaningful work, relaxed and open environment, and a chance to impact one’s work are driving forces at our workplace. With us you can work in customer-centric manner at your own pace. 

Kaksi hymyilevää työntekijää telineellä kuivuvan värikkään räsymaton edessä. Kaksi hymyilevää työntekijää telineellä kuivuvan värikkään räsymaton edessä.

Become a part of our work community and enjoy the freedom to work with your own personality.  

Customer is at the heart of our operations. We believe that exceptional customer service stems from a content and fulfilled staff. Ensuring the wellbeing and success of our employees stands as one of our foremost strategic priorities.  

Our employees enjoy an array of great employee benefits including occupational health, ePassi Flex, work counselling, paid training days and various educational opportunities. 

We at the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group recognize the significance of competence development as a factor that enhances employee commitment and wellbeing. We aim to provide every employee with the opportunity to develop their skills in a suitable manner. 

  • We provide employees with in-house training. 
  • We regularly conduct 1-to-1 discussions as well as performance appraisals. 
  • We organize various seminars and forums for our staff. 
  • We invest in comprehensive onboarding and orientation. 
  • We carefully select suitable supervisors for our teams. 
  • We support job rotation and career development. 
  • We offer paid training days. 

Our leadership commitment 

The key to employee wellbeing is in quality management and leadership. We have developed the fundamentals of effective leadership and published a guidebook for our supervisors covering these guidelines. This comprehensive guide supports our current and future supervisors in implementing leadership practices that are aligned with the values of Blue Ribbon Foundation Group. 

Our leadership commitment comprises of five key areas. 

  • People: At the core of leadership is always the individual and humane values, enhancing and honoring them. 
  • Responsibility: Leadership involves taking responsibility and sharing it, empowering others.  
  • Meaningful work: Meaningfulness emerges when individuals perceive their work as purposeful, comprehend their role within the organization and deem it significant. 
  • Trust: Trust is built through actions, namely, making and keeping promises. 
  • Development: The role of leadership and managerial work is to enable people around them to grow and thrive, both personally and professionally. 

Career path in Blue Ribbon Foundation Group 

We want to encourage our employees to develop their skills and provide them opportunities to advance professionally. Explore the career journeys of our employees here. 

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