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You and your company can help the homeless 

We believe that having a key to a home is the key to everything. Without a place to call your own, it can be challenging to get other aspects of life in order. By making a corporate donation, you can help a homeless individual to find a place call home.  

The core mission of Blue Ribbon Foundation is to provide housing and support to those who have fallen through the cracks of traditional services, while defending their rights and human dignity. 

We are looking for responsible businesses to be our key partners. You can play a pivotal role as an individual and on behalf of the company or organisation you represent. 

Join us and take social responsibility and help the homeless in Finland. This way, you will be able to help promote equality, reduce poverty, and improve the lives of homeless youth.  

Collaborating with us strengthens your brand, engages and motivates your employees. We use donation funds efficiently and responsibly. We communicate openly with our supporters about the results of our work. 

There are many ways to help! You can donate money, your expertise, services or products. Every donation and partner is important to us.  

Let’s help the homeless together. 

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Soile Bar-Yosef

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Voluntary work and fundraising manager
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