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Support for vocational rehabilitation 

Do you need support on your path to the working world? Vocational rehabilitation aims to support the rehabilitation of people facing challenges in the labour market. 

Henkilöitä työhön kuntouttavassa toiminnassa. Henkilöitä työhön kuntouttavassa toiminnassa.

Our vocational rehabilitation efforts are implemented through our Verstas project and specifically target our in-home support services customers. 

Our service is based on the idea that substance abuse, the experiences of homelessness or mental health challenges do not prevent participation in planned vocational rehabilitation. Everyone is entitled to timely actions to support rehabilitation. We listen to the ideas, wishes and feedback from our customers, and we build our services based on them. 

How we work in practice  

In the Verstas project, a substance abuse worker and a job coach will walk alongside you, and together you will assess what kind of service would be right for you. The job coach will find a work experience placement for you, and both will support you throughout the work experience period. Employees will also help in planning and implementing your next steps – whether it’s in the working world, studying or some other rehabilitation activity.  

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to figure out what’s next. 

Contact us 

Susan Rantanen

Verstas project
Job coach
044 731 0511