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Legacy donation: leave a lasting impact 

Throughout the history of the Blue Ribbon Foundation, one single legacy donation has played a significant role. In 1978, the foundation was able to purchase its first apartments when Olga Hjellman made a legacy donation to Sininauhaliitto.

Legend has it that Olga, who left a legacy donation to the foundation, had a close relative who had experienced homelessness and struggled with alcoholism. Additionally, she had an acquaintance who was a member of the board of the Finnish Blue Ribbon. With Olga’s donation, the first housing unit, Topi-Katti, was acquired on Hämeentie in Helsinki in collaboration with Sininauhaliitto and Samaria ry. The acquisition was also funded by the Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY). 

For over sixty years, the Blue Ribbon Foundation and its subsidiary company Blue Ribbon Ltd   have given thousands of homeless individuals the opportunity to find a place to call home. Olga’s legacy donation was a pivotal moment in the Foundation’s history as the rental income from the Topi-Katti apartments made it possible to finance new apartment purchases while receiving support from Finland’s Slot Machine Association. The establishment of new housing service units and services allowed for expansion of the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s operations. 

Olga Hjellman’s generosity provided homeless individuals with homes and new opportunities. Today, the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group manages over 700 apartments that serve as homes for those who have experienced homelessness. The foundation also operates day centres and various other services.

Every legacy is meaningful

You don’t have to donate your entire estate as a legacy donation can be very precisely defined. You can also make changes to your will with the assistance of a lawyer if your circumstances change.  

Your legacy enables significant things to happen far into the future and shows what was important to you. You can enjoy your assets during your lifetime and leave them behind to benefit others. 

By leaving a legacy to the Blue Ribbon Foundation, you help the most vulnerable members of our society, ensuring that their basic needs are met and granting them a dignified life.  

Legacy donations are tax-free, and non-profit organizations do not pay taxes on the inheritance tax on the legacies they receive. 

We are more than happy to provide you with any further information. 

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