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Blue Ribbon Foundation – so that there’s a place for everyone

Blue Ribbon Foundation is a non-profit, values-based foundation established in 1957. We are an expert in homelessness and substance abuse services and an influencer in the sector. Blue Ribbon Foundation is part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group.

Development and low-threshold activities

As part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group, we do impactful work to end homelessness and help vulnerable people.

We develop innovative, low-threshold approaches and make them part of our customers’ everyday lives. We also strengthen the realisation of social equity for our customers.

Blue Ribbon Foundation has about 75 employees, and we currently have operations in Helsinki and in the wellbeing service counties of West Uusimaa, Vantaa and Kerava, and Central Uusimaa.

Our major funding partners are the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health  (STEA), the European Structural Funds  (ESF) and the ERASMUS+  programme.

We are part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group

Blue Ribbon Foundation and Blue Ribbon Ltd  make up the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group. Blue Ribbon Ltd is a non-profit company  that provides housing and substance abuse services. Blue Ribbon Foundation owns Blue Ribbon Ltd in full.

What do we do

We do impactful and responsible work to end homelessness and to help vulnerable people.

Advocacy work

Our goal is to broaden the understanding of the changes needed to create a more…

Neighbourhood work

Active neighbourhood work and its development is an important part of what we do

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The Group consists of the non-profit Blue Ribbon Foundation and the social enterprise Blue Ribbon…

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