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Our strategy guides our way

We work to ensure that everyone has a place – a place in our services and activities, a place in our work community and a place in society. Our strategy sets out how we will achieve our goals.

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A participatory strategy

Our strategy is built around our vision – Finland, where there’s a place for everyone – and three priorities. For each priority, we have also defined three scopes, which show where we will focus our work in each priority. For each area, we have also defined key indicators and objectives to monitor the implementation of the strategy. Values guide our actions, both big and small.

The strategy, which was launched at the beginning of 2024, has been worked on in a participatory manner by the Boards of Directors of the Sininauha Foundation and Sininauha Ltd, the Group Management Team and by numerous staff working groups and community meetings.

Our vision: Finland, where there’s a place for everyone

Our vision means, for example, that we want to enable our customers to have the right place in our services, operations and communities, and in life in general, that brings value to them. A goal-oriented approach based on the needs of the individual is a key tool in this work. By monitoring and analysing the effectiveness of our actions, we can draw lessons for our day-to-day work as well as for the development of our activities. The strategic priority Customers finding their place guides our work with our customers.

For our staff, we want to provide a meaningful workplace and an inspiring, equal working environment. A workplace where employees thrive and where everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills and gain visibility for the impact of their contribution. A value-added approach to work and active support are also central to the priority of Dedicated personnel.

We also work for a society where everyone is treated as an equal citizen and fellow human being – a Finland where there is a place for everyone. To be a reliable and effective player in society, we must ensure that we act responsibly and sustainably, and develop and reform our operations. In this work, we are guided by the strategic priority A responsible pathfinder.

Strategic priorities

Blue Ribbon foundation Strategy priorities listed below.

Customers finding their place

  • Supporting agency, engagement and inclusion
  • Individualised and goal-oriented support
  • Leading with effectiveness data

Dedicated personnel

  • Value-adding work culture and active support
  • Proactive competence development
  • Energising and inspiring work community

A responsible pathfinder

  • Societal influencer
  • Thought leader
  • Sustainable and renewable

Our values

  • Meaning: it is important for everyone to find meaning and significance in their lives and to feel relevant. In our work community, the experience of meaning in work is one of the driving forces.
  • Open-mindedness: open-mindedness means that we are open-minded and respectful towards all people. It also means an interest and an open attitude to try new things in our work.
  • Hope: We believe that there is always hope. We bring hope and faith for the better, even in difficult situations in life.