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Join us in helping homeless youth

Blue Ribbon Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign Katu ei ole koti is dedicated to supporting homeless young individuals. The next campaign will take place from October 6th to October 8th, 2023. 

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Be a part of Blue Ribbon Foundation’s largest fundraising campaign of the year that focuses on helping homeless youth. The campaign is entirely run by volunteers, and that’s why we need you. 

How can I help? 

  • Join us at the campaign room. Clarion Hotel Aviapolis has generously provided us with a dedicated campaign room, where you can spend the day with us. The campaign room will be available until 10 PM on campaign days, allowing you to join at your convenience. On site, you can call through our supporter list or your own contacts, collect donations and spread information about the campaign. 
  • Take it to the streets. During the campaign days, we will be present at Narinkkatori, and we want you to join us. You can help distribute the flyers or collect donations.  
  • Share on social media. It’s important that the campaign gets visibility. You can participate by sharing the campaign video or a fundraising link on your social media and help us raise awareness from anywhere in Finland. You can request the campaign materials for sharing on social media from the addresses provided below. 
  • Raise funds through your own link. Create your own fundraising link and share it with your contacts. When people donate through your link, you can track the amount of funds you have raised. 

Company sponsors 2023

At Abloy, we have been safeguarding the daily lives of Finns for more than 115 years. We are part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s Katu ei koti campaign, because we believe that the key to a home is the key to everything. Through the campaign, we want to be there to help and support the invaluable work of the Sininauhasäätiö and to bring security and hope to those who do not have a key to their own home.
Everyone is worthy of a key to their own home. At Abloy, we are on board. Hopefully you are too!

At Sievi, we innovate for a healthier and safer working life. Home is also a big part of safety, and we want to be part of the “Street is not home” campaign to help those who live without the security of home. We believe that every person should have the right to a safe and warm home and we want to play our part in helping to achieve this important goal.

Vuokraturva, which has been providing rental housing since the 1990s, knows how difficult it can be to get a home when your life is out of control. Vuokraturva, on the other hand, wants to emphasise how difficult it is to get your life under control when you don’t even have a roof over your head. It creates a spiral from which you may not be able to break free on your own. The valuable work of the Blue Ribbon Foundation in the fight against homelessness has proved its worth. Rent Guarantee wants to play its part in supporting this work. Even the stony-hearted among us understand that the street is not home. It is easy for everyone to stand behind this message.

Aid the youth 

The goal of the campaign, Katu ei ole koti, is to help homeless young individuals to move forward in their lives.  

With the funds raised in previous years, we have accomplished the following:  

  • Purchased survival kits that contain shoes, sleeping bags, underwear, and hygiene products. 
  • Distributed winter jackets and shoes to young individuals in need. 
  • Acquired a training apartment for young people that was furnished by Sotka

The campaign has been supported by companies such as ABLOY, Vuokraturva and individual McDonald’s franchisees.  

The campaign has a money collection permit, RA/2021/1108, which is valid until further notice in all of Finland with the exception of Åland.  

There is no age limit for participation and we warmly welcome everyone interested in our cause.  

Let’s help the homeless together! 

For more information, please contact 

Siiri Pakkala

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 563 4251

Sirpa Terho

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 443 0646

Soile Bar-Yosef

Voluntary work Fundraising
Voluntary work and fundraising manager
040 637 2900