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Transparent helping – information on donating   

There are many ways you can help someone in a vulnerable life situation. Choose to make a monthly or one-off donation, take part in a campaign, donate goods or services, or volunteer your time. 

With us, you can choose the way to help that is most suitable for you and be part of building a better future for our customers. 

We organise an annual campaign “Katu ei ole koti” to raise funds for homeless young people. The campaign is an easy and tangible way to help. We invite to you take part!

Help responsibly by donating through us   

85% of the donation funds we receive go directly to improving the situation of homeless people, reducing homelessness and meeting the basic needs of our customers. The remaining 15% go towards ensuring good governance and reaching out to new donors. Find out more about the use of donation funds here.

We are a responsible actor and regularly report on the results of our work. Our work is supported by STEA, the European Social Fund and AMIF.

We have a fundraising licence (RA/2021/1108) that is valid for the entire country, with the exception of Åland. 

Every form of helping is important. Thank you for caring. 

Contact us  

Soile Bar-Yosef

Voluntary work Fundraising
Voluntary work and fundraising manager
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