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Blue Ribbon Foundation Group

Blue Ribbon Foundation Group is a values-based expert in homelessness and substance abuse services. We do impactful work to end homelessness and to help vulnerable people.

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So that there is a place for everyone

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Group consists of the non-profit Blue Ribbon Foundation, established in 1957, and the social enterprise Blue Ribbon Ltd, a provider of housing and substance abuse services.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation develops new low-threshold models and carries out activities based on them. It also gives a voice to disadvantaged people in society.

Blue Ribbon Ltd  provides housing and substance abuse services. It offers customer-centred, supported housing services and service housing in housing-first and substance-free housing service units, temporary and shelter accommodation, in-home housing support and outpatient substance abuse services. The Blue Ribbon Foundation owns Blue Ribbon Ltd.

Blue Ribbon Foundation Group’s services implement an applied social-housing approach. It covers all work with people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or who have experienced homelessness in the past, to address those psychosocial or practical challenges experienced by the customer that put their housing at risk.

The path model, which allows the resident to move flexibly from one service or type of housing to another, is implemented in the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group’s housing services units (ca. 370 units), for which ARA grants and subsidies have been received, and in dispersed housing (ca. 410 units), for which the Blue Ribbon Foundation has received investment support from STEA.

We are one of Finland’s biggest actors operating under the housing-first principle. We currently have operations in Helsinki and in the wellbeing services counties of West Uusimaa, Vantaa and Kerava, Central Uusimaa, Southwest Finland and Pirkanmaa.

About 250 social and healthcare professionals work at the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group, which is headquartered in Helsinki.

We are a member association of the Finnish Blue Ribbon .