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We welcome you as you are

At the Nuoli meeting and support point for young people and at our day centres, you are welcome to come as you are. We offer food, washing facilities and a safe place to rest. We can also help you to manage your affairs, if you want.

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Nuoli is a meeting and support point for 16–29-year-olds

Are you a young person who is homeless or using drugs? No place to go? Hungry? Cold? Lonely? Needing a place for the night? Nuoli is for you – we are open 24/7 with our counsellors always on site and ready to help you.

Day centres offer help for a wide range of issues

Our community day centres are a welcoming place especially if you are homeless, at risk of homelessness or actively using drugs. You can visit the day centres anonymously and free of charge.

In addition to everyday tasks, you can get help e.g. with matters related to housing or with accessing the right services.