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Nuoli offers round-the-clock help for young people

Nuoli – a meeting and support point for young people is specifically for you if you are 16-29 years old and a drug user with nowhere to go.

Kyltti jossa on nuoli Kyltti jossa on nuoli

You can visit Nuoli anonymously, even if you are under the influence, and no matter what area of Finland you are coming from. We welcome you just as you are!

We offer a safe place to eat, wash and rest. Nuoli is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also get support and advice from our counsellors on the things that you want. They are on site and ready to help you with issues both big and small.

We are located in Helsinki at Mäkelänkatu 50 – ring the doorbell at the iron gate!

You can also call us at any time if you need help or advice. Our phone number is 044 354 1119.

Our services are free of charge.

Open doors for professionals

Come to the open doors to find out more about activities, facilities and staff of Nuoli. The event is aimed at professionals, students and all partners.

Open Doors are held every second Thursday from 13:00 to 15:00. Register for the Open Doors at or by calling the office on 044 354 1119.