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Day centres are meeting places open to everyone

At the Illusia day centre, you can take care of routine needs and get support for your life situation. The Illusia day centres and Tuusula day services also offer community activities.

Henkilö kahvikuppi kädessä Cafe Illusiassa. Kyltti, jossa lukee Syrjinnästä vapaa alue/descrimination-free zone

Illusia day centres offer support and meaningfulness for everyday life

Illusia day centres are low-threshold, community-based meeting places located in the Vallila area of Helsinki, the Koivukylä area of Vantaa, and the Leppävaara area of Espoo. Our services are particularly designed for homeless people, people at risk of homelessness and adults who are active substance abusers.

At Illusia, you have access to many basic needs, like WCs, showers, laundry, a place to rest, a meal and donated clothing. Our facilities have a Wi-Fi connection, computer, phone and charging point for electronic devices. Our homeless guests can also store their belongings in the day centre lockers.

At Illusia, you can spend time playing cards, reading, watching TV or just sitting in peace.

Illusia offers support with a range of issues

If you wish, our staff is ready to support you with a wide range of issues, from housing-related questions to accessing the right kind of services.

We are constantly working with guests to develop our services. Ideas, feedback and other topical issues are discussed at community meetings, to which everyone is welcome.

Volunteering and peer work can also be done at Illusia day centres. We organise regular rounds with our guests to pick up litter and interact with the communities where our day centres are located.

Day centre services can be used anonymously and at no cost.

Illusia Helsinki
Mäkelänkatu 50 B,
open daily 9-15
tel. 040 631 9475

Illusia Vantaa
Rautkallionkatu 3,
Mon-Thu 9–14 and Fri 9–13
tel. 050 566 4379

Illusia Espoo
Läkkisepänkuja 4 A,
Mon–Tue and Thu–Fri 9–14
tel. 050 434 2209

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Tuusula day services

We organise community-based and active low-threshold day services in Kellokoski and Jokela in Tuusula. The services are open to all adults.

The day services offer an opportunity to receive service guidance, help in taking care of business online and with various housing and life problems.

At the day centres, you can also take care of routine tasks, eat breakfast, play games, read, watch TV, take part in group activities, or just enjoy being with other people.

We work with our guests to develop activities.

Tuusula day services in Kellokoski
Toimelantie 2
Mon 9-14
Wed 9-14
Fri 9-13

Tuusula day services in Jokela
Keskustie 9-11 (Station parish premises)
Tue 9-14
Thu 9-14

tel. 040 182 0288
tel. 040 737 8105
tel. 044 731 0082

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