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What the Blue Ribbon Foundation does

We do impactful and responsible work to end homelessness and to help vulnerable people. 

Based on expertise and respect for human dignity

We help and support the most vulnerable people in society. These include people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness for various reasons, as well as people with substance dependence and mental health challenges. Often, they have also been left outside the sphere of social services. Our work is based on expertise and respect for the individual and human dignity. 

At the core of the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s activities are various development projects and established service models. We help people at the grassroots level, and we work in innovative ways to end homelessness, reduce substance abuse and increase inclusion. 

We also work to make a difference in societywe fundraise and we provide volunteeropportunities to make a difference.

Projects and established service models 

The Aimo service model develops, researches and identifies new methods to strengthen housing success. The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

We serve homeless people who need guidance, counselling and support in their daily lives. The customers are mainly people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness who need help with their life situation.

We offer low-threshold counselling and guidance for all housing-related challenges. Our approach is based on securing housing and breaking down the barriers to shared housing.

The aim of our activities is to find a pathway to housing and a permanent home for as many customers as possible. We also aim to prevent unnecessary evictions, institutionalisation and relapses into homelessness by working in partnership with various actors.

We work in the metropolitan area.

More information
Elli Peltola
Housing Development Manager
puh. 040 707 1501


Koti kaikille/The Home for All project promotes the social inclusion and empowerment of people experiencing homelessness.

Our activities have three components:

  • We raise awareness about homelessness through experiential knowledge and work to end homelessness locally and nationally throughout Finland.
  • We focus on the development of customer-centric services to improve accessibility and prevent homelessness more effectively. Our aim is to act as a voice for people experiencing homelessness and to reduce the stigmas related to homelessness.
  • We develop area- and customer-based neighbourhood work to help create a positive and safe living environment for all. We build positive attitudes to make neighbourhood safety nets for the common good.

We talk about homelessness and the related phenomena on social media, on the Sinipiuha YouTube channel and on the Katucast podcast.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

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More information
Antti Kaajakari
Project Manager
tel. + 358 44 728 9105

Kota works to prevent homelessness and to support people experiencing homelessness. The activities are intended for people who have just moved to Finland, do not speak Finnish well or are undocumented.

We provide training on housing practices for people who have just moved to Finland, multilingual advice on housing and support for the undocumented, and training for professionals.

We also produce various materials for immigrants and for social and health care professionals.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

Housing skills courses

In cooperation with the municipalities of Uusimaa, we organise housing skills courses for people who have just moved to Finland. The courses cover topics such as fire safety, tenants’ rights and responsibilities, and recycling. The courses are free of charge for municipalities.

Further information: / tel. 044 735 9847

Housing advice

We offer multilingual advice and support for housing’s problematic situations and in finding accommodation in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our advisors are available every two weeks in Tikkurila, in Vantaa.

Further information: / tel. 040 664 6480

For the undocumented

KOTA is a partner with the support point for the undocumented at Mosaiikki, which provides multilingual advice and support for undocumented people. The support point is located in Hermanni, in Helsinki.

More information
Anna-Leena Myllylä
Immigrant Work Manager
tel. +358 40 664 6480


The MASE project received funding from ARA in 2023. The aim of this project is to conduct small-scale research to collect more information about immigrants who are currently homeless or have experienced homelessness earlier. The project will run from September 2023 until February 2024 to step into the research world for the first time in Sininauhasäätiö.

According to ARA (2022), 26% of homeless individuals and 67% of homeless families in the capital region are immigrants. However, there is no detailed information about their backgrounds and paths to homelessness. Based on our experience in Sininauhasäätiö, there are also homeless immigrants who are not visible in statistics.

In order to develop an effective homelessness policy and achieve equality in housing, more scientific research on the subject is needed.

The result of this study will provide useful information for policy makers and experts working in the field to find out what services are missing and how to address these needs in the homelessness policies. Furthermore, the result will provide information about the issues that need further research.

The project report will be published in March 2024.

More information
Nasibeh Hedayati
tel. + 358 40 635 9047

Nuoli is a meeting and support point for people who are 16-29 years old. It offers a safe place for young people who are homeless and are substance abusers, regardless of local municipality.

Nuoli is open 24 hours a day and our counsellors are present at all times. You can go to Nuoli anonymously and even if you are under the influence.

The main purpose of Nuoli is to meet the basic needs of young people, such as nutrition, rest and hygiene.

At Nuoli, we provide support and guidance to help young people receive the statutory services they are entitled to and the things they feel they need or want help with.

We work in partnership with networks across organisational boundaries to help young people.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

More information
Päivi Malmivaara
Youth Services Manager
tel. +358 44 763 0949


Blue Ribbon Foundation’s day centers offer open, low-threshold activities for all adults. Our guests may be experiencing a variety of vulnerable situations. Their background may include homelessness or different housing challenges, as well as substance abuse and mental health problems. The service model is based on a harm reduction approach.

The Illusia day centers are located in Vallila in Helsinki, Koivukylä in Vantaa and Leppävaara in Espoo. We also organise low-threshold day services in Jokela and Kellokoski in Tuusula.

The day centers offer support for handling issues online and for housing and living problems. Regular meetings are held with the guests to plan the day-to-day activities. The focus is on community, inclusion and respectful engagement.

The communities provide breakfast, a place to watch TV, play games, read, or to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a conversation with other people. We also provide opportunities for various activities, excursions and engagement.

Public and third-sector services are a regular part of activities. The day centre environment also enables peer and volunteer activities, community service and work experience.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

More information
Sonja Varonen
Low Treshold Services Manager
tel. +358 40 179 1212


The ODE project focuses on preventing overdoses and promoting safer drug use. We see harm reduction work as a human rights issue. In Finland, the number of drug-related deaths has increased and prejudice and discrimination against drug users is widespread. Breaking down the stigma associated with drug use is a key factor in harm reduction.

In the ODE outreach work, we focus on young adults aged 18-29 who are active substance abusers. In Helsinki, the project goes out to housing service units, day centers and the streets. The work with young adults aims to increase factual information about substance abuse, change patterns of usage, and reduce the number of drug overdose deaths.

As part of the project, we train social and health care professionals and students in overdose prevention and treatment.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports our work.

More information
Suvi Helle
Project Coordinator
tel. +358 50 473 6187


The aim of vocational rehabilitation is to support the rehabilitation of people in a challenging labour market situation. We operate at the interface between low-threshold services and employment support services. Our aim is to get customers to engage with public services that support employment. 

The Verstas project (1.9.2023–31.8.2026) will promote the capacity, inclusion and equality of the labour market’s most marginalised people in working world pathways. The project is aimed at people on a rehabilitation path from substance abuse and mental health problems.  

The project is implemented in partnership with Live Services. It is supported by the European Social Fund.