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Sell or rent your apartment to us – help us help you!  

Blue Ribbon Foundation Group is looking for small apartments to buy and sublet in Helsinki. Help us reduce homelessness!  

Subletting – an easy and reliable way to rent your apartment  

With the subletting model, you sign a rental agreement with the Blue Ribbon Foundation. This way, Blue Ribbon Foundation is the main tenant and pays the rent: the apartment rent is thus secured.  

Even if the tenant changes, there is no need to renew the lease. 

We also take out an apartment insurance policy for every apartment that is sublet. Any damage and the repair of them are the responsibility of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. 

We are a reliable partner for home sellers  

For the customer moving into a home, we offer not only a home, but also in-home housing support and activating network as well as guidance in both services and meaningful everyday activities. The peers and volunteers in our operations also offer support to make your housing experience as successful as possible.  

We believe that everyone has the right to their own home, with their own door and their own name on it.  

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