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We offer our volunteers support, community and activity

Join us for our monthly volunteer meetings. It’s a great chance to catch up with other volunteers over a cup of coffee and share your experiences.  

Would you like to exchange thoughts with your fellow volunteers? Do you need guidance on any questions or concerns you may have? Or perhaps you wish to get acquainted better with other volunteers and the volunteer coordinator. 

We welcome you to join us at Blue Ribbon Foundation’s monthly volunteer meeting. During the meeting you’ll have the chance to learn something new, stay up to date, meet other volunteers, and connect with the staff of Blue Ribbon Foundation.  

Are you a new volunteer? Check out the section for new volunteers for information on getting started. 

Volunteer training, monthly meetings and recreation days 

Orientation for new volunteers 2023 (Elimäenkatu 5, Helsinki)

16.1. klo16.00–17.30

20.2. klo16.00–17.30

19.3. klo 16.00-17.30

23.4. klo16.00–17.30

21.5. klo 16.00–17.30

18.6. klo16.00 -17.30

Monthly volunteer meetings 2023 (Elimäenkatu 5, Helsinki)
Sign up for the meeting by contacting volunteer coordinator.

23.8. at 17.00-19.00

20.9. at 17.00-19.00 Cancelled!

25.10 at 17.00-19.00

22.11. at 17.00-19.00

8.12 Volunteers’ Recreation Day (more details closer to the date)

Contact us

Siiri Pakkala

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 563 4251

Sirpa Terho

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 443 0646