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Volunteer and make a difference 

The support and assistance provided by volunteers is invaluable to our customers who are in vulnerable situations. With us, you have the flexibility to choose a volunteering pace that suits your schedule. 

One person may contribute on a weekly basis at our low-threshold day centre, while another may participate once a year in organizing the Night of the Homeless event – there are many ways to help. 

We provide new volunteers with an introduction to our organization and its services. After the orientation, you will be prepared to undertake specific volunteering tasks. Our dedicated staff will make sure that you have all the necessary information and skills to carry out various tasks.  

Before you start volunteering, you will sign a volunteer agreement and receive insurance coverage, which will remain in effect during your volunteer work. Additionally, you will receive a certificate for your volunteer work and gain invaluable experience. 

In Blue Ribbon Foundation you can volunteer in various locations: Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Tuusula, Kerava or Turku. Come learn more about volunteering with us! 

As a volunteer at Blue Ribbon Foundation, you can 

  • Be a companion. Toiminta torstai (Activity Thursday), welcomes new volunteers to join us for activities such as bowling, going to the movies or theatre. Come spend quality time with our customers. 
  • Be a friend. Just like everyone, our customers sometimes need someone to talk to as well as support in dealing with everyday challenges. Become a friend and offer one-on-one support to someone who needs it. 
  • Organise hobby clubs. Do you have a skill you could teach others? Would you like to do something fun with others? Share your know-how with our customers whether it’s cooking, art or sewing or something completely else. 
  • Help sort clothing donations. Like all “thrift stores”, we need active organizers too. Join us in sorting, refurbishing and repairing donated clothes. 
  • Assist at events. Come help distribute flyers, serve coffee, and share your volunteering experience to others. 
  • Assist with fundraising. Ever wonder how we attract donors? Wonder no more – join us in our fundraising efforts! 
  • Help our customers with their move. Like all of us, customers of Blue Ribbon sometimes need help moving. Come get your daily exercise all at once and help our customers move. 
  • Provide support and accompany customers to apartment viewings. Some of our customers are not yet familiar with Finnish housing practices. Lend your support to a newly arrived immigrant and help them adjust to a new culture. 
  • Help out at our low-threshold day centres. You can assist in the kitchen, have coffee with customers or play games together. Your presence and time are invaluable. 
  • Please note that volunteer work involving direct interaction with customers, such as volunteering at day centres and housing units, is available only to individuals of 18 years and above. 

Participate remotely 

By liking and sharing content from the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s social media, you ensure that as many people as possible are informed about the situation of the homeless year-round. Thank you for helping us spread awareness. 

Sign up for our volunteer registry and log your hours 

Sign up to the volunteering register and choose your tasks. Remember to report the hours you have worked on the volunteering hours form. As a volunteer, you are helping to do valuable work to reduce exclusion. Thank you for caring!

Here you can find more information about the orientation for new volunteers.

Contact us

Siiri Pakkala

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 563 4251

Sirpa Terho

Voluntary work
Volunteer coordinator
050 443 0646