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Working to help young adults who are active substance abusers

We do outreach work to prevent drug overdoses and to reduce the harms of substance abuse.

Are you 18-29 years old and actively using drugs?

Do you want support and information on safer ways of using, or do just want to talk about your situation?

The ODE project can provide you with the facts about drugs, information about changing your usage and overdose prevention. You can find us in the day centres, at housing service units and on the street in Helsinki.

You can also contact us on a low-threshold basis if you have questions about overdoses or other substance abuse problems, or if you just want to talk.

Contact us

Suvi Helle

ODE – overdose prevention project
Project Coordinator
050 473 6187

Blue Ribbon Ltd provides outpatient substance abuse services

Blue Ribbon Ltd’s substance abuse services include in-home detoxification treatment, outpatient treatment at home and opioid replacement therapy.

Our customers come to us through the wellbeing services counties’ substance abuse and mental health services.

The customer and their individual needs are always at the centre of our substance abuse services, and we treat our customers respectfully and holistically.